This Weeks Happy #5

After 8 days in Scotland & many miles driven we are back home, Christmas is over and the New Year is upon us. I feel like 2014 passed by in a blink of an eye but I am ready to take on a new year and excited for what is to come. I had a lovely relaxing NYE, I watched The Hobbit and made plans for the year ahead with my husband.

This Weeks Happy 5

Clipper Sleep Easy Tea – This is a lovely tea for the evening, its relaxing and soothing. It has Cinnamon, Chamomile, Honeybush, Lemon balm, Valerian root, Natural orange flavour.  I think this tea has quite festive scent but tastes more of citrus, I really like it. It has been working wonders at helping me sleep.

Heath & Heather Apple & Cinnamon Tea – This is the taste of Christmas, I love this combination and even add extra cinnamon sticks if I’m feeling extravagant. I like putting this tea in my travel cup to enjoy on the go. Its so warming and tastes amazing. If you like the recent Costa Festive Warm Apple Tea, you will like this & its a fraction of the price.

HEMA Stationery – You may remember I bought a crap ton of stationery when I was in Amsterdam from a shop called HEMA. In a bid to get organised and actually use some of the bits I bought instead of just displaying it I have cracked open these pencils and I love them & all of their pastel cuteness. I have quite a lot of stationery to get through.

Polargram – I went all out & bought 80 prints from Polargram on Black Friday as they were 20% off. I love getting my instagrams printed So I now have lots of photos that I need to display in a crafty way. So if you have any posts or ideas on what to do with Instagram Prints let me know.

Paperchase Notepad – I know this says Christmas Lists on but its too cute to only use at Christmas, so I’m going to hang on to Christmas just a little longer & use this to write all me to do lists on. I’m terrible at making lists & being prepared so this is going to help a lot with that.

Giorgio Armani Si – I LOVE this perfume so much & have been without it for about 6 months & my little brother bought me this one for Christmas! I’m so happy to have it back in my life, it smells incredible and the scent lasts longer on me than any other perfume I have tried. It has notes of Vanilla, Blackcurrant, Rose de Mai and Patchouli and base notes of blond amber which give it a sophisticated musky scent. When you initially spray this you can smell the Vanilla which gives it a sweet scent but it calms down to reveal a chic musky scent. I love the bottle and just adore the scent, such a thoughtful gift too.

16 thoughts on “This Weeks Happy #5

  1. Happy New Year Vicki!

    I love Armani Si, it’s quite a powerful fragrance for me, and after surgery I couldn’t bear the smell of vanilla for about 3 months but I like it again now so I can use Si again!

    I loved the Costa Hot Apple drink so these tea bags sound amazing, I wonder if I could get similar in Dubai?

    Stacey | Expat Make-Up Addict xx

    1. Happy New Year lovely lady xx Si has to be one of my all time favourite perfumes, its just such a beautiful feminine scent. Fingers crossed you find some Cinnamon & Apple tea in Dubai – I will send you some if not.

  2. Love your two tea suggestions! As a bit of an insomniac, I’m always looking for new ways to help me get to sleep and I’ve never heard of the Clipper tea you suggested. Sounds great! Also a great idea to add cinnamon sticks to tea in your travel cup! – Hannah 🙂

    1. You are in for a treat, Clipper do so many lovely teas & they’re Fair-trade. Let me know if you track them down & if you try any off their teas

    1. I love trying new tea & I have to say that Cinnamon & Apple have been my favourite. Its so warming and addictive

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