This Weeks Happy – Celebrating 17 Years



Portsmouth 2000

2002 New York

New York 2001

John and Me 2003

London 2002

2004 Manchester

Manchester 2003


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Cornwall 2015

Cornwall 2015

Scotland 2016

Dundee 2016


Cornwall 2017

This is a different kind of post from me today, I’m taking a day off from beauty products to celebrate my lovely husband, John, the love of my life.

I thought I would share a photo of John & I from each year that we have been together & I am proud to say that 17 years ago this week I met John who quickly become the love of my life. He was just 16 in the first photo back in 2000 and I had just turned 21, how young we look! I just can’t believe how quickly the years have flown by. We have lived through so many major life events at both ends of the emotional spectrum and I have never doubted our relationship or questioned John’s love for me. John is the most selfless, humble and determined man I know and has shown me that through the most unimaginable pain and grief you can still be optimistic and let go of anger.

I feel like the luckiest lady in the world to have such a supportive, understanding and damn right handsome partner. I could tell you so many stories and reasons why I love this man but one of the earliest ones which stands out for me and it isn’t one that is OTT with fancy gifts or involved spending money.  So way back in 2002 when we lived in our first, very small flat together in Scotland, we didn’t have a car or a mobile phone, I worked in quite a rural location and there wasn’t any shops or facilities near by. After I had left that morning to go to work John noticed that I had left my lunch at home in the kitchen,  he knew I would not be able to get anything else and be really hungry (and grumpy) so he walked 5+ miles each way just to bring me my lunch. All my colleagues couldn’t believe that he walked all that way in the freezing Scottish Winter just to drop off my lunch, which was just a simple can of soup and walk all the way home. What a sweet thing to do & still 15 years later it still makes my heart full of love just thinking about John walking all that way.

Here is to 17 more years of happiness, living adventures and perusing our dreams but mostly to snuggling up on our sofa talking about everything and anything.

This Weeks Happy #13

New home 2015

New home 2015

As I’m sure most of you are aware that last week I moved house, after staying with family for a little longer than expected we found a house that we couldn’t pass up on. So we packed up all our worldly belongings, which was a lot more than I remembered because 90% of them had been in Storage for 18 months & we made our way 300 miles South. I’m excited to now call the beautiful county of Cornwall my home & although we lived here briefly in 2010 it’s nice to be back and I can’t wait to explore.

So this week I am grateful & thankful we have a beautiful home and its made me burst with happiness. I can’t wait to get cooking all the yummy food in my brand spanking new kitchen, although I have to wait over a week for my fridge to be delivered but as soon as that happens to expect to see some cooking/baking posts from me. Also, the bathroom is STUNNING and the biggest bathroom I have ever had, the shower is epic and I just want to spend many many hours relaxing in the bath which I think is big enough to swim in.

Sorr, the photos aren’t the best quality. I can’t find my camera, it’s somewhere in one of the many boxes.

New bathroom


The property is an old chapel & its beautiful, set in the Cornish countryside. My office has the most dreamy view, I have been wistfully looking out of the window for most of the day which means not a whole lot of work gets done.

Cornish View

Right back to unpacking boxes & attempting to find homes for my ridiculous makeup & skincare stash

Beauty Stash

Let me know if you’d like to see some more home / cooking / organising posts from me.

This Weeks Happy 12


When we are in Scotland we stay with my brother & his girlfriend has the cutest miniature yorkies, Bella & Milo. Bella is the one in the photo and looks like a teddybear. I never had pets growing up, mainly because my dad was in the army and we lived all over the world so it wasn’t very fair to have animals. Also now that I am an adult I rent and its so difficult to have pets in a rental so it was cute having dogs around for a couple of weeks, they’re so tiny and cheeky, now we’re back home we miss them being around. I think another visit north of the boarder is on the cards soon.

St Andrews ScotlandSt Andrews Harbour

This visit to Scotland was quite a stressful one as my dad was in respite care after being admitted to hospital and was unable to go back to his house. So after an ordeal trying to find him sheltered accommodation we had to pack up his house (without him) and move everything to his new place within 2 weeks. His new place is much better and I hope he will feel more settled there and begin to make progress. Every time we are up in Scotland we always make time to visit St Andrews, I love to walk across the sandy beach & get a little wind swept before popping back into the centre to have a brew and relax. Its such a stunning coastal town and well worth a visit.

Florabunda Bando Planner Bando Planner October

Admittedly I haven’t been using my planner as much as I’d hoped in August, just due to the lack of time but when I do use it I remember how much I love it. The pages are so bright and the positive messages at the beginning of each month make me smile. I have written a review of my Florabunda Bando Planner if you’d like a more in depth look at it. I carry it around everywhere (yes I am that geek).

Ezra & Gil Manchester Ezra & Gil Manchester

I came across a new place to go in Manchester – its a cute kitchen style eatery called Ezra & Gil in the Northern Quarter. It feels like an extension of your home. Its relaxed and has a really good feel about the place and the staff couldn’t be friendlier. I had a beetroot barley risotto and it was utterly delicious, I also had to pretend I didn’t spy all the delicious looking cakes and pastries sat on the till (trying to limit my sugar intake) which was hard as they looked and smelt amazing.

Its reasonably priced and have a really good menu, oh and the part thats even better is it is open until 8pm, so I plan to head back over for dinner one evening & maybe have a cake too.

Jurlique Precious Rose Handcream

This Jurlique parcel arrived whilst I was in Scotland and it arrived just in time to cheer me up, inside were skincare treats to celebrate their 30th anniversary & I was happy to celebrate with them. What a beautiful package to arrive on my doorstep. If you want to read all about what was inside click here – Precious Rose Handcream.

This Weeks Happy #9

This week hasn’t involved leaving the house very much, apart from to stock up on tea (essential). I am quite a homebody but when I have to be at home working 24/7 thats not much fun. So I am very very excited for the Bank Holiday weekend, when I will be having a BBQ (weather permitting) and sipping Pimms, oh & not forgetting watching Eurovision.

Making Me Happy May 2015

So making me happy this week in no particular order

Michael Kors Lip Luster Lip Gloss in Getaway*– Even though I work from home & its normally only my husband and postman that has to see me I still like to get ready (most days). I find that if I slob about in pj’s and try to work I just don’t feel as productive. I also like to do my makeup, although it tens to be very minimal. This lipgloss from the Michael Kors Into The Glow Collection is such a pretty colour & too pretty not be on my lips. Its quite a vibrant pink with a pretty glossy sheen and its not a sticky gloss but quite comfortable to wear.

Note Cards – I am a stationery hoarder, I know I’m not alone on this (stationery addicts unite). I enjoy sending snail mail and receiving it too. A couple of years ago my niece & I decided to write letters to each other, she is 7 and lives 300 miles away from me, so I don’t get to see her as often as I’d like. So we send cute notes & letters back & forth. I love it & she is the cutest pen friend. I really like hunting down cards and paper to write on and it also feeds my addiction to stationery. This box of cards I bought from Home Sense who have an incredible selection of paper goods.

Sharpie Pens – I need something cute to write notes with & I have to say Sharpies are my pen of choice. Especially now that you can get so many wonderful colours, a colour for every mood. The pastel ones have been my favourites of late, so pretty. Are you a Sharpie hoarder too?

Giorgio Armani Si – I adore this scent its perfect for anytime of day or night & I always get compliments when I wear it. It has notes of Vanilla, Blackcurrant, Rose de Mai and Patchouli and base notes of blond amber which give it a sophisticated musky scent. When you initially spray this you can smell the Vanilla which gives it a sweet scent but it calms down to reveal a chic musky scent which lingers all day. If you haven’t tried this, then you need to give it whirl. I think you will all love it.

Flamingo Candle – Everything makes me happy about this candle, the jar is cute, the scent is lovely (Rose and Marshmallow) and i was lucky enough to win it in Abby’s giveaway. I burn this in the morning whilst I check my emails, it smells lovely and calming and after I blow it out the scent still fills the room. If you have tried any candles from this brand then leave me some recommendations in the comments.

So what has been making you happy this past week?

Products that are marked with an * have either been sent to me for my consideration or I’ve received at events. I’m under no obligation to review them on my blog. However if I do, the reviews are 100% my own.