This Weeks Happy – Celebrating 17 Years



Portsmouth 2000

2002 New York

New York 2001

John and Me 2003

London 2002

2004 Manchester

Manchester 2003


Manchester 2004


London 2005

SF 2006

San Francisco 2006
London 2007

London 2007

Edinburgh 2008

Berlin 2010

Berlin 2009

Perth 2011

Perth 2010

Dundee 2012

Dundee 2011


Wiltshire 2012


Liverpool 2013


Amsterdam 2014

Cornwall 2015

Cornwall 2015

Scotland 2016

Dundee 2016


Cornwall 2017

This is a different kind of post from me today, I’m taking a day off from beauty products to celebrate my lovely husband, John, the love of my life.

I thought I would share a photo of John & I from each year that we have been together & I am proud to say that 17 years ago this week I met John who quickly become the love of my life. He was just 16 in the first photo back in 2000 and I had just turned 21, how young we look! I just can’t believe how quickly the years have flown by. We have lived through so many major life events at both ends of the emotional spectrum and I have never doubted our relationship or questioned John’s love for me. John is the most selfless, humble and determined man I know and has shown me that through the most unimaginable pain and grief you can still be optimistic and let go of anger.

I feel like the luckiest lady in the world to have such a supportive, understanding and damn right handsome partner. I could tell you so many stories and reasons why I love this man but one of the earliest ones which stands out for me and it isn’t one that is OTT with fancy gifts or involved spending money.  So way back in 2002 when we lived in our first, very small flat together in Scotland, we didn’t have a car or a mobile phone, I worked in quite a rural location and there wasn’t any shops or facilities near by. After I had left that morning to go to work John noticed that I had left my lunch at home in the kitchen,  he knew I would not be able to get anything else and be really hungry (and grumpy) so he walked 5+ miles each way just to bring me my lunch. All my colleagues couldn’t believe that he walked all that way in the freezing Scottish Winter just to drop off my lunch, which was just a simple can of soup and walk all the way home. What a sweet thing to do & still 15 years later it still makes my heart full of love just thinking about John walking all that way.

Here is to 17 more years of happiness, living adventures and perusing our dreams but mostly to snuggling up on our sofa talking about everything and anything.

9 thoughts on “This Weeks Happy – Celebrating 17 Years

    1. Thank you Julia – it was a mission to find a photo from each year. Especially as quite a few were original photos taken with a proper camera (before digital) so I had to scan them in. Although I had fun going through all our old photos x

  1. Happy anniversary, Vicki and John! This is such a beautiful blogpost, loved seeing the photos (also – can I just say how much I envy how much you suit a full fringe!) x

  2. Love this Vicki!! Time flies by, can’t believe that first photo is 17 years ago, me and James have an equally dodgy one! You are one of the happiest couples I know, couldn’t imagine two people better suited than you two are. You are both so lucky to have each other, I’m glad we met our lovely men when we did! xx

    1. It doesn’t feel like 7 years let alone 17. You are so sweet to say such lovely things & I know how special John is, I am thankful everyday that I have him in my life. We sure are two lucky ladies to have found the love of our lives so young. I want to see your earliest photo of you & James 🙂

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