This Weeks Happy #8

This Weeks Happy

Pear & Apple Tea – This is from Lidl and they have quite a good tea selection, I think I have tried them all (the green tea & lemon is my fave). I love drinking tea & this pear & apple one is nice when it’s left too cool down, I like to add ice & drink it like an ice tea. I think the taste is quite subtle but fruity and for 80p a box you need to try it. Tea is my weakness & I have quite a few cups a day. Let me know what tea you have been enjoying.

Whitworth Art Gallery Manchester – I used to walk past this beautiful gallery daily when I lived in Manchester & would often pop in and spend an hour looking around. I haven’t been in years & had the urge to visit last week. I had no idea it had undergone a massive £15 million refurbishment, they have added a glass wall so the gallery now feels like it’s part of the park & its so light and fresh inside. They have done such a wonderful job of modernising the space whilst still keeping much of the building as it was.

Whitworth Art Gallery Manchester

They’ve doubled the exhibition space available and so now have more work on show. I also love that it is free to visit & it is a space that is welcoming and family friendly. You can take time away from the busy city & feel like you’re somewhere tranquil and peaceful. I urge you to visit if you’re ever in Manchester.

EOS Lip Balms – How colourful do these look! I love the quirky packaging of these & the fact that they’re round, its so cute. I have a few different flavours & I adore them all apart from the mint (not a fan of minty lipbalms). I like the Lemon Drop because it has SPF15 in, so it is a good one to have in your handbag over summer. If you have tried any of these let me know what flavour is your favourite.

Primark Watermelon Lemonade Candle £3 – When I spotted this in the home section at Primark I knew it was coming home with me. It smells so summery, I like that it is in an old fashioned jar too (which I will be keeping). It smells sweet & fruity & I want to get the others too, if I remember correctly they had an Apple one & a Lemon one. This one is the perfect Spring / Summer scent.

Mulberry Purse -I switched to a smaller purse over the Winter in a bid to cut down on the amount of store cards, loyalty cards & general crap in my purse but I found I missed my Mulberry. I have resurrected it & I have been loving using it again. I have made sure to only put a few cards back in it & its feels more organised and less cluttered. My lovely husband bought this as a gift for me 4 years ago & the leather still looks and feels so nice, it is really good quality & I won’t be replacing it anytime soon.

Let me know what has been making you happy this week.

50 Things That Make Me Happy

The lovely Hayley who has a beautiful blog all about her gorgeous family (HayleyFromHome) tagged me (challenged me) to think of 50 things that make me happy. I feel I’m quite a pessimistic one might say slightly negative person so I thought this tag might be good for me – to see if I could actually think of 50 things.

50 Things That Make Me Happy

So in no particular order,

1. Chai – I drink tea all day long & love discovering new teas but Chai is my favourite

2. Autumn – I love it when the leaves change colour

3. Museums

4. Castles

5. The night sky

6. Working from home

7. Family

8. Airports

9. Trains

10. Watching TV in bed

11. Crisp, fresh, clean bedding

12. Humous & dips in general

13. My husband bringing me a cup of tea in bed every morning

14. Amsterdam – I adore this city, its so beautiful

15. Snail mail – I love sending & receiving a good old fashioned letter

16. Anything fig scented

17. HEMA – best shop in the world

18. A new notebook

19. Friends – it is the one TV show that will never get old

20. Fairy lights – I have them everywhere

21. Taking photos – When I remember my camera

22. Jam on toast

23. Birkenstocks – Some say ugly, I say comfy

24. My wonderful Mum Linda & our daily phone calls.

25. Pyjama bottoms

26. My favourite Costa ceramic Christmas travel mug that I am still using

27. My makeup collection

28. Lemonade – traditional old fashioned lemonade

29. My cheeky beautiful niece Alyvia

30. Falafel – I could live off them

31. Massive wooly scarves & warm clothing in general

32. Road trips with my husband & taking a picnic

33. Bon Jovi – I’m an 80’s girl at heart & love Jon Bon & Richie Sambora

34. Having my eyebrows done – makes me feel like a new women

35. Into The Wild – Favourite film

36. Trash TV – I do like bad American reality shows & watch them on a Sunday morning in bed

37. Salt & Vinegar crisps

38. Being married – I love being married. Me & my husband John have been a together for 15 years now & everyday is amazing & it gets better and better.

39. Face time / Skype – most of my family & friends live all over the world & I love being able to keep in touch

40. Fresh flowers – Especially Tulips

41. Being a honest, loyal and supportive friend – I try hard to be there for the people I love.

42. Whole Foods – If I could only shop in one shop for the rest of my life it would be here. I love it

43. People watching – I could sit for hours (with a brew) and watch the world go by

44. Buying books – For myself and as gifts. I think books make the most treasured gifts

45. Stationery shops – I need & want all the stationery. Although I have no room for anymore

46. The kindness of strangers – Always comes when you need it most but least expect it

47. Puppies – I love puppies they make my heart swell

48. My Car – Its nothing flash but it represents my decision to downsize & focus on living, instead of earning and spending more money on things I don’t need or want.

49. Savoury snacks – I’m not a sweet tooth kind of girl, but give me all the savoury snacks like crisps & nuts. I am all over those.

50. Hearing my husband sing when he thinks no one is listening – to GnR or Type O Negative. Its priceless

So they’re my 50 things that make me happy. Its quite nice to remind yourself that its mostly the small things that make you happy & almost always things that are free too! Thank you to Hayley for tagging me – it wasn’t as hard as I thought to think of 50 things.

I’m going to tag Amy from Srslylou, Jennie from SailorJennie, Becki from lifelooksperfect and Sarah Temporary Secretary – I would love to know what 50 things make you happy.

Link below in the comments if you have done this tag, I’d love to read them.

This Weeks Happy #6

The first two weeks of the new year have gone by so fast, as we all took down the decorations and got back to normality it feels like Christmas was just a dream. I’m glad to have my routine back, everything always feels like it is on pause over the Christmas break & when you’re self employed thats not always a good thing.

So making me Happy This Week,

LUSH Christmas Range

I loved the LUSH Christmas releases & bought quite a few things in the recent 50% sale. These two cuties have been my favourites. The LUSH Dashing Santa has bergamot, mandarin oil and orange flower so it smells quite citrus and soothing. It turns the water a peachy colour & leaves my skin soft and nourished. Butterbear is my all time favourite, its so sweet & I tend to use it over 2 baths. It smells quite sweet and uplifting and leaves the water a milky white colour. If you want smooth soft skin then this is the product for you! Let me know what LUSH product was your favourite from their Christmas range?

Morning Walks

I’ve been getting up early and going for a walk every morning. I’ve found it a great way to start the day & its really relaxing. The weather has been quite bad this week but I have managed to snatch a few bright mornings.

Shopping My Stash

I’ve been trying not to purchase any unnecessary makeup or skincare so I have been shopping my stash. Rediscovering lots of old favourites and discovering products I’d forgotten I had. This NYC quad has been the best discovery, the shadows are buttery and pigmented, they’re perfect for everyday & I love all the colours.

I’m not on a spending ban because I just wouldn’t stick to it but I am committed to using what I have before opening new products or purchasing anything new.

This Weeks Happy #5

After 8 days in Scotland & many miles driven we are back home, Christmas is over and the New Year is upon us. I feel like 2014 passed by in a blink of an eye but I am ready to take on a new year and excited for what is to come. I had a lovely relaxing NYE, I watched The Hobbit and made plans for the year ahead with my husband.

This Weeks Happy 5

Clipper Sleep Easy Tea – This is a lovely tea for the evening, its relaxing and soothing. It has Cinnamon, Chamomile, Honeybush, Lemon balm, Valerian root, Natural orange flavour.  I think this tea has quite festive scent but tastes more of citrus, I really like it. It has been working wonders at helping me sleep.

Heath & Heather Apple & Cinnamon Tea – This is the taste of Christmas, I love this combination and even add extra cinnamon sticks if I’m feeling extravagant. I like putting this tea in my travel cup to enjoy on the go. Its so warming and tastes amazing. If you like the recent Costa Festive Warm Apple Tea, you will like this & its a fraction of the price.

HEMA Stationery – You may remember I bought a crap ton of stationery when I was in Amsterdam from a shop called HEMA. In a bid to get organised and actually use some of the bits I bought instead of just displaying it I have cracked open these pencils and I love them & all of their pastel cuteness. I have quite a lot of stationery to get through.

Polargram – I went all out & bought 80 prints from Polargram on Black Friday as they were 20% off. I love getting my instagrams printed So I now have lots of photos that I need to display in a crafty way. So if you have any posts or ideas on what to do with Instagram Prints let me know.

Paperchase Notepad – I know this says Christmas Lists on but its too cute to only use at Christmas, so I’m going to hang on to Christmas just a little longer & use this to write all me to do lists on. I’m terrible at making lists & being prepared so this is going to help a lot with that.

Giorgio Armani Si – I LOVE this perfume so much & have been without it for about 6 months & my little brother bought me this one for Christmas! I’m so happy to have it back in my life, it smells incredible and the scent lasts longer on me than any other perfume I have tried. It has notes of Vanilla, Blackcurrant, Rose de Mai and Patchouli and base notes of blond amber which give it a sophisticated musky scent. When you initially spray this you can smell the Vanilla which gives it a sweet scent but it calms down to reveal a chic musky scent. I love the bottle and just adore the scent, such a thoughtful gift too.