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As we know winter is terrible for drying out our skin – but I also find it does the same to my hair. My hair is naturally dark brown and during the winter months it goes really dull and can get quite dry. So I picked up some hair oils, just ones from Boots nothing fancy pants. I have never used hair oil on a regular basis and so wanted to start with something that’s not too expensive. About 6 weeks ago I bought 2 products from Vo5.

Vo5 Miracle Concentrate / Vo5 Moisture Soak Elixir

 First up the Vo5 Hot Oil Shower Works Moisture Soak, you use this on wet hair before shampooing. I normally leave it in a good 10 minutes before washing it out. I have used this once a week for the past 6 weeks and still have a few uses left in it. I don’t use too much, there is an indicator on the tube but I don’t really go off that. It depends how long / thick your hair is as too how much oil you use.

This oil does leave my hair feeling really soft and hydrated. I don’t think its a holy grail product by any means. I would say it’s great value for money, as you can pick it up from Boots for £4.29. It does give my hair a lovely shine and has helped give it a moisture boost – so all in all I’ve been happy with this Vo5 Oil but I’m interested to see how it holds up against some others. Have you used any hair oils? Which would you recommend?

Up next is the Vo5 Miracle Concentrate Elixir with Argan Oil – this little bottle has found a firm place in my hair care routine. I love it. a couple of drops go a long way. I use this on the ends of my hair when it’s still damp to add moisture and it gives my waves a little body.

It also smells amazing, not a crucial thing but its always nice when something smells nice.  Out of the 2 oils from Vo5 I will be repurchasing this one as I have used it every other day for almost 6 weeks and have really noticed a difference in the ends of my hair. I have naturally wavy / curly hair and this oil gives my hair more body and it looks healthy and super glossy. This really gets the thumbs up from me and I will be repurchasing when it runs out.

This Vo5 Miracle Concentrate Elixir with Argan Oil is also brilliant value for money this 50ml will last for ages. I’ve had mine for 6 weeks and have only used a 3rd of it. You can but it from Boots for £5.19 for 50ml

12 thoughts on “Winter Hair Care Products

  1. I bought this and reviewed this this week too! You have the same hair type as me! And I noticed a difference too! 🙂 Great review! Check out mine if you like… Not half as good as yours though!

    Cat –

  2. I love the oil too! Makes my hair super soft, although Lucas does start stroking my head…nice Mummy 🙂 I bought the VO5 hair mask because it was on an offer but didn’t think much of it but the oil in definitely a winner!

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