Cute and Curly

Naked Curl Defining Shampoo and Conditioner*

I was kindly sent these a few weeks ago to try. I’ve naturally wavy hair with a slight curl (often frizzy). I love to wear my hair natural and very rarely style it or straighten it. I like the messy wave look. You may say lazy look. So I was thrilled to give these a go.

Naked are a brand that pride themselves on being Vegan and Vegetarian friendly, I know this is important for alot of people. They’re also a natural brand with their products being up to 99.7% natural. The two I am testing are 97%  natural and are free from parabens, SLS and  petrochemicals only the good stuff is left in. You can read their mission statement here

I found that these work better together. This isn’t always the case with hair care. They often say to use the corresponding shampoo & conditioner but often there is no need. With the Naked Curl Defining Range I found that my hair was alot more bouncy and less frizzy if I use both. If I used just the shampoo my hair would be glossy and wavy but my curls just weren’t as defined as when I used both the Shampoo and Conditioner.

Both products were lovely and not stripping in the least. In fact I found them nourishing. The Conditioner wasn’t too heavy, I think that’s why your curls are more bouncy as it doesn’t weigh your hair down and it’s really easy to rinse off. I’ve been going 3 days without washing my hair which is a first for me. These Naked products don’t coat your hair & make them greasy. They clean and nourish and the effects last a few days.

Naked is available online or in your local Boots. Curl Defining Shampoo £3.98 250ml & Curl Defining Conditioner £3.98 250ml

What have you tried from Naked? Have you tried this Curl defining range?

* I was kindly sent these to try & the review is 100% my own.

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  1. I’m a big fan of sulfate-free shampoos, they agree better with my hair, and I love using the Naked Hydrating range. Will have to give these two a shot too.

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