Jane Packer Fig & Sandalwood Amber

My Aunt bought this for my Christmas and I think she was unaware that Fig is one of my all time favourite scents and this fragrance from Jane Packer is just beautiful. I had never heard of this brand before but after a little look online I discovered that Jane Packer is a world renowned florist and she released a fragrance line in 2010. The fragrance I have is theΒ Fig & Sandalwood Amber, it is absolutely beautiful, I have worn it everyday since Christmas..

Jane Packer Jane Packer

Jane Packer has described this 100% better than I could,

The green fig note brings freshness to the transparent white flower heart. The driftwood and sandalwood combination adds complexity and a sensual accent. The sandalwood and amber capture the attention in the moments after application.

It smells so fresh and sophisticated. The scent lasts a very long time, I can still smell it on my scarf and I haven’t sprayed it on there for a couple of days. The packaging is luxurious and feels very nice, the bottle is tall and slim and the lid is shaped like a Β flower and gives it an extra special touch. It is so beautiful. I noticed there is a candle in the Fig range & I have to have that, I think it will be a New Years gift for myself. I’m so pleased with this and I love being introduced to new brands and products.

This fragrance is available from the Jane Packer online shop 50ml for Β£39.oo

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