Timothy Dunn Arabian Fig Candle

Timothy Dunn Arabian Fig Candle

Timothy Dunn Arabian Fig Candle

Timothy Dunn Arabian Fig Candle* £36.00

This candle oozes sensuality, spice and luxury. Inspired by the largest and wealthiest city of the Middle Ages, Arabian Fig embodies the ancient sophistication and decadence of Constantinople. As your beautiful candle melts, you’ll be intoxicated by the essence of ripe, succulent figs warming in Byzantine courtyards.

Presenting a complex blend of green fig leaf, basil and clove, tenderly enhanced with frankincense; this deliciously aromatic candle has a hint of wild fig and cassis, rose and jasmine, and the rich base notes of sandalwood, cedarwood and musk.

Timothy Dunn London is a luxury home fragrance brand based in South London. A career that spans more than 20 years in floristry inspired founder Timothy Dunn to capture the unique scent of his revered floral arrangements. Each of the Timothy Dunn candles is expertly blended for a superior fragrance and burn time. Choose from a selection of evocative scents, housed in the brand’s signature hand-blown glass.

These are seriously luxurious candles, even before I’d taken the candle out of its box I could smell that amazing earthy fig scent. This candle has a whopping 60 hours burn time which is more than any other candle I have owned, I tend to burn it for about 1 – 2 hours then blow it out because the scent is that strong it will still fill your room for hours after its stopped burning.

Arabian Fig Candle

I adore Fig, I feel like its my signature scent. Its such a rich and complex scent, it reminds me of living in Cyprus and thats why I associate Fig with warm Summer days rather than Winter nights. This Arabain Fig Candle smells incredible and as you would expect from a luxury candle brand the scent is strong and intense it really scents the house not just a room. My husband really likes this candle too, he isn’t a fan of sweet scents or anything overly floral so this is perfect, the musky, woody notes really come through too and make it quite a masculine scent so he likes to burn this at night when we’re watching TV or eating dinner.

The candle arrives in a simple black box with pretty gold details, housed in a sophisticated heavy black glass jar. It looks at home in any room of your house, I’ve been mostly burning it in the living room but have been known to have it on the side of my bath when I feel like having a pamper. The candle burns evenly & cleanly and if you trim the wick before each use there is no sooty deposit which is great. I get so disappointed when candles burn down the middle & you’re left with so much wax around the edge, they’re a waste of money

Timothy Dunn Arabian Fig Candle

I know more expensive luxury candles are not for everyone & I’ve only ever treated myself to two (both were Jo Malone) but each time I have one I say to my husband that the scent is just so much more intense and you really do get what you pay for. So if your budget can stretch or if you are able to ask for one for a special occasion I can’t recommend Timothy Dunn Candles enough, the quality, burn time and wonderfully intense scent is more than worth the price tag. I’m using it sparingly but enjoying every minute of it.

My house smells inviting and the beautiful Fig scent transports me back to a warm summers evening in Cyprus, I know my husband is planning on treating me to another one for my Birthday in October (feeling very lucky). Let me know what candles you like to burn & if you prefer sweet / floral or musky scents. Timothy Dunn has wonderful selection of candles and I’m sure you will find something to suit your taste.

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Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier EDP

Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Eau de Parfum

Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Eau de Parfum

Roger & Gallet are a French Perfumery House founded in 1862 by merchant Charles Armand Roger and banker Charles Matial Gallet. Their products have such a rich history & they are famous for their beautiful scents which I have tried quite a few of but excitingly, 2015 see’s the release of Roger & Gallet first ever Eau de Parfum – Fleur de Figuier. I was lucky enough & thrilled to receive the most exquisite parcel from Roger & Gallet introducing me to this new release and I have fallen head over heels in love with it.

Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier EDP*

takes its inspiration from the beautiful Mediterranean Summers and encapsulates those sensual, sweet and fresh long Summer evenings.

‘Discover the bliss of an early evening spent in the Mediterranean garden of Esterel. This Eau de Parfum is a precious distillation of natural essences that reveals the intensity and sensuality of a sun-ripened fig heart. The mouth-watering and contrasting fresh notes enhance the accord of candied fig, musk and patchouli, for a truly relaxing effect.’

  • Top notes: precious essences of mandarin and pink peppers
  • Heart notes: fig tree leaves, juicy fig and violet wood
  • Base notes: white musk, candied fig and precious essence of patchouli

My absolute favourite scent in any product is Fig & if you’re a long time reader of my blog you will know this. I adore the scent because it’s so rich, distinctive and sophisticated and I think its a scent that can be worn all year round. This new addition to the Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier range is an intense, long-wearing scent that doesn’t dull throughout the day. I only have to apply this in the morning & It still smells beautiful on my skin long into the evening.

Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier Eau de Parfum

Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier

Some days I spray it & It smells really musky whilst other days It smells more woody. I love that its such a layered and sophisticated perfume and I have been reaching for it almost every day for 3 weeks.

If you’re looking for a new scent then I can highly recommend this new release from Roger & Gallet, it comes beautifully packaged in a glass bottle with touches of gold and purple and the scent is utterly divine. This is my favourite release from Roger & Gallet and I just know it will be a popular addition to their range.

Roger and Gallet Fleur de Figuier Eau de Parfum £40 from www.escentual.com (who currently have a 1/3 off all French brands).

Products that are marked with a * have either been sent to me for my consideration or I’ve received at events. I’m under no obligation to review them on my blog. However, if I do, the reviews are 100% my own.

Jane Packer Fig & Sandalwood Amber

My Aunt bought this for my Christmas and I think she was unaware that Fig is one of my all time favourite scents and this fragrance from Jane Packer is just beautiful. I had never heard of this brand before but after a little look online I discovered that Jane Packer is a world renowned florist and she released a fragrance line in 2010. The fragrance I have is the Fig & Sandalwood Amber, it is absolutely beautiful, I have worn it everyday since Christmas..

Jane Packer Jane Packer

Jane Packer has described this 100% better than I could,

The green fig note brings freshness to the transparent white flower heart. The driftwood and sandalwood combination adds complexity and a sensual accent. The sandalwood and amber capture the attention in the moments after application.

It smells so fresh and sophisticated. The scent lasts a very long time, I can still smell it on my scarf and I haven’t sprayed it on there for a couple of days. The packaging is luxurious and feels very nice, the bottle is tall and slim and the lid is shaped like a  flower and gives it an extra special touch. It is so beautiful. I noticed there is a candle in the Fig range & I have to have that, I think it will be a New Years gift for myself. I’m so pleased with this and I love being introduced to new brands and products.

This fragrance is available from the Jane Packer online shop 50ml for £39.oo

Tommy Guns Hair Care

My hair is the longest it’s ever been in my 34 years on the planet. I struggle to keep it looking healthy and manageable. It is naturally wavy with a slight curl and gets greasy very easily. Tommy Guns is a brand I have heard of & I use their Winter Dew Drops. I adore the way this product gives my hair a beautiful glossy sheen. I have blogged about them here.

I’ve been testing out the above Shampoo and Conditioner* combo and I have to say the fact that they are a nice plum and pink colour makes me very happy. These smell quite masculine and not sickly sweet. I find them both uplifting and great for a morning shower. I also like the packaging, I think the simple design looks sleek and they look great in my shower.

The Fig and Plum Shampoo is targeted for Frizzy & Unruly hair, this is my hair in a nutshell. This was lovely to massage in and didn’t lather up into a crazy foamy mess. I hate it when the shampoo is over foamy, it is also easy to wash out and requires minimal effort. It states that the Fig is to smooth and soften the hair and the Plum helps to enrich the hair leaving it more manageable. I would have to agree with that, my hair is left sleek and I have less flyaway strands, especially on the top where I tend to get major frizz. This shampoo did tame my frizz.

I also used the Conditioner from the same line and together they make quite the pair. The conditioner is Fig, Plum and Marshmallow. How amazing does that sound! This smells lighter than the Shampoo but still fresh and quite Autumnal, must be the Fig. In this conditioner, the Marshmallow is used to soothe and enhance the hairs elasticity and to help prevent breakage while the Fig & Plum help enrich the hair leaving it more manageable for styling.

Tommyguns Hair Care

When using these I was able to go 3 days without washing my hair. My hair didn’t go greasy as quickly as it normally does and I thought it looked glossy while my curls had quite a bounce to them. These have been a pleasure to use and my husband has also used them and liked the shampoo in particular.

They also have Pomegranate and Orange / Blueberry and Ginseng / Jasmine and Wild Nettle / Sage and Basil / Bergamont and InulaI like the sound of Pomegranate and Orange, it sounds very festive. Tommyguns online.

Both the Shampoo and Conditioner are £5.50 for 250ml

Products marked with an * have either been sent to me for my consideration or I’ve received at events. I’m under no obligation to review them on my blog. However if I do the reviews are 100% my own.