My Favourite Neutral Palettes

As much as I try to step outside of my comfort zone and try wearing some colourful eyeshadows I just feel a little 80’s. I don’t posses the skills needed to make fun eyeshadows work, they end up looking like a mess. So I always retreat back to my beloved neutral shadows where I am comfortable. I thought I would share with you a few of my favourite Neutral Palettes.

Neutral Palettes

So first up is the Vivo Colour Block Unprotected Palette – This has 12 shades and has a good mix of matte & more shimmery shades. You will need to wear a primer with these shadows for them to last throughout the day. I have worn every shade in this palette but I especially like the 2nd row, that has seen alot of love. This Vivo palette is a bargain and you can pick it up for £3.99 in their online store

Wet n Wild Comfort Zone Palette $4.99 – This is one amazing palette. The shadows are very pigmented and soft, they are easy to apply and blend. There are no matte shades in this palette but it does have pretty metallic and shimmery colours. You get eight shades in this palette and once again every shade is wearable. I haven’t used the light green as much as the other shades but I have worn them all at some point. The left hand side shades get the most wear & in particular the 2nd shade from the top I wear all over the lid on days I want to wear as little makeup as possible. It’s like a rose gold shade and is very pretty. This is an American Brand, but often you can find it on Amazon or eBay.

Naked 1 Palette – Since my collection has grown this old faithful doesn’t get as much love as it used to. Its such a trusty palette and you can achieve so many looks with it. You get 12 shades and I love all of them apart from Creep, which I never seem to wear. I love Smog & Toasted the most out of the twelve shades. You get two good matte shades a few metallics and some shimmer so a little something for everyone. Now I’ve blogged about it I’m going to use it a little more and fall back in love with it.

5 Neutral Palettes

BarryM Natural Glow Shadow & Blush Palette £6.49 – This is the newest addition to my palette collection and although it says it has a blush in, the blush is not good at all and I never use it. It is chalky and has very little colour pay off. The shadows on the other hand are nice. You get six eyeshadows and there are two good matte shades. There is a little fallout but nothing you can’t work around. I just wish the blush wasn’t in this palette.

Last up is the MUA Undress Me Too Palette £4 – This has 12 shades in and has been compared to the Naked 2 Palette, I don’t own that palette so can’t say if it holds up as a dupe but I love this palette. The packaging might feel a little cheap and plastic but it is thin and easy to travel with. I have never used the black shade but it is SO pigmented (it scares me). You get some good mattes and a mix of metallic finishes and shimmers. A primer is well worth using as these shadows are not the longest wearing and would benefit from a little help. Everytime I use this palette I can’t believe how little it cost. For £4 everyone should own this palette.

So they’re my 5 most used neutral palettes – I’d love to know if you have any favourites.

20 thoughts on “My Favourite Neutral Palettes

  1. Snap! Love Naked 1, Comfort Zone and Undress Me Too. Must try the Vivo one if you recommend it as we seem to like the same. Have you tried Naked 3? I love the more pinky tones in it for something a bit different but not too crazy.

    Ali x

    1. I don’t have Naked 3 but I do have some vouchers from Xmas & I am tempted by it. The Vivo palette is pretty & has a real mix of finishes. You should pick it up. x

  2. I love neutral eyeshadows, they are the only ones i feel comfortable using and i’m fine with that as there are so many lovely neutral palettes out there 🙂 i have the wet n wild palette you’ve mentioned and i absolutely love it, plus i like that it has those greenish shades so i can innovate a little bit :p i’m recently thinking about picking up the vivo unprotected palette as it seems to be a very similar palette to the naked 1 🙂

  3. I’ve had the Vivo palette for ages but only started using it recently (sort of forgot I had it – oops!). I love it though, the shades are gorgeous – I think the 2nd row is my fave too! xx

  4. Naked Basics – the matte one – is lovely and the quality is excellent. (But at that price, so it should!). Soap & Glory’s Lid Stuff in What’s Nude has similar colours and is less scary price wise. :). Next time you’re in the US, Sonia Kashuk has some nice neutral sets in Target. Thanks for the Vivo recommend, I might pick that up next time I’m in Tesco.

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