Neal & Wolf Indulgence Scented Candle

Neal and Wolf Candle

Neal and Wolf Candle

I love having candles burning and think a nice scented candle can lift your mood and make your home smell amazing. I was so excited to receive this Neal & Wolf Indulgence Scented Candle*, especially after reading lots of amazing reviews.

From the get-go this candle felt luxurious, the outer packaging is a pretty soft clean magnolia colour with just the name of the candle on and when you open the box and see the candle is in a deep purple jar it is a lovely surprise. It looks beautiful sitting on my sideboard. I really like the colour!

When you open the box you can already smell the scent and if you’re familiar with the haircare range from Neal & Wolf you will recognise it instantly. It smells so luxurious, like an expensive Spa. They have developed the scent in a Perfume House and have really come up with a relaxing, luxurious scent that fills not only the room the candle is burning but the whole house. My husband says he can smell it even when it isn’t lit.

Neal and Wolf Candle

Neal & Wolf describe this a lot better than I ever could ‘It bursts with mandarin and orange blossom until it melts to floral aromas of lily, ylang-ylang and orchid

I find the scent relaxing and I like to burn this when I am in the bath, I keep it lit for around an hour and find that you can still smell its fragrance long after it has been blown out. I like to trim the wick after each use to ensure it burns clean. This candle doesn’t give off any soot and is lasting me well. This Neal and Wolf Candle has up to 45 hours burn time.

I think it would make a gorgeous gift (my mum has been dropping hints that she wants one) or even as a treat for yourself. This is perfect if you love luxury candles, this is a candle that won’t break the bank and that will make your house smell amazing Go on treat yourself x

Neal and Wolf Candle

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  1. Lovely post. I’m in the process of browsing various candles to add to my Christmas wishlist. I already knew about Neal & Wolf but didn’t know they old candles so I’ll be checking them out. Thanks.

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