Makeup Storage


Makeup Storage

I’m always looking for ways to store my makeup without spending a fortune. I keep out the makeup I use most often. I like to store it in these four jars / pots. The first one is an old Twinning’s Coffee Tin and that holds my Mascara’s, although it is becoming a tight squeeze.

The second jar I found at a carboot sale in Scotland a few years ago. It is an Old Stilton Cheese Jar, I love this and I have some Lip Crayons, Concealer’s and a few other bits stored in it. It is quite wide and holds a far few products.



The cute animal tin is from Paperchase and holds a few of my brushes, this needs to be swapped for something a little bigger really – as I have a few new brushes that need a home.

Makeup Storage Solutions

Lastly I have my eyeliners in this Wales Jar – This was bought by my husbands dad when he was a little boy & was passed onto my husband years ago. It is perfect for my eyeliners.

What unusual storage do you keep your makeup in?

12 thoughts on “Makeup Storage

  1. Beautiful storage! I’m trying to use my Diptyque candles up quickly so I can use them for brush storage, but I know I’ll sob when they’re finished! Love your Cymru one best πŸ˜‰ x

    Claire | AgentSmyth

  2. I have a huge poka dot case with my ‘going out makeup’ and things like fixing spray, falsies and makeup pallets. Then a leather studded case which came wrapped around a bottle of Absolut vodka I bought for a friend, who immediately give me the case back saying “more your style than mine.” which is full of every day essentials.
    I have to drag everything out of the case to get at stuff in the bottom. I much prefer your idea of having the most used stuff easily accessible in cute/quirky pots.

  3. These are awesome! I use a lot of ice cream/chinese tubs for storage and spruce it up with some washi tape, but they’re not the most hardwearing. My eyeliners are now in trapezoid storage as no normal container was big enough anymore.. Oops? These jars/tins are nice though. I love the old stilton one!

    Lizzums x

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