Elizabeth Grant Luxury 12 Piece Skincare Bundle

Elizabeth Grant Skincare Set

Elizabeth Grant Skincare Set

Elizabeth Grant are a skincare brand that is sold on Ideal World TV, they have a huge range of products which would make lovely gifts for any skincare addict. They have products to suit most skin types and to tackle quite a few skin concerns. Also if you like to snap up a bargain, Ideal World often have great offers on Elizabeth Grant products and I have spied quite a few gift sets amongst them.

Skincare Bundle from Elizabeth Grant

This Elizabeth Grant 12 Piece Bumper Skincare Collection* is such a treat! Elizabeth Grant have put together 12 anti ageing essentials which includes a range of Serums, Creams, Treatments and Shower and Body Lotions. Its a great range of products for anyone concerned with the early signs of ageing. The products included are formulated to reduce fine lines and wrinkles whilst hydrating your skin and improving uneven tone and dullness. So they have you covered and your skin is in good hands.

How beautiful is the packaging, I love the mixture of gold, white and blue I looks so luxurious.

Elizabeth Grant Christmas Skincare Bundle

Skincare Gift Set from Elizabeth Grant

HUGE Elizabeth Grant Skincare Bundle

Included in this incredible 12 piece is,

  • Biocollasis Complex Vitality Renewal Night Serum – helps brighten skin and improve the skins elasticity.
  • CellBiocollasis Complex Vitality Revivalising Day Serum – helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Keeps skin moisturised at night due to the formulation.
  • Biocollasis Complex Day Cream – helps hydrate at skin, leaving it looking more supple and smooth.
  • Supreme Cell Vitality Renewal Night Cream – has a dual performance action- to temporarily lift and smooth the appearance of the skin.
  • The Eye Balm helps penetrate, resulting in hydration for the delicate, thin skin around the eye area.
  • The Eye Treatment helps soothes while distributing actives onto the skin, helping to reduce the look of puffiness, skin sag and fine lines.
  • Collagen Re-Inforce Booster – helps improve the firmness, fullness and smoothness of the skin.
  • The Essence of Torricelumn helps the five signs of ageing; lines and wrinkles, dryness, uneven skin tone and dullness.
  • The Bath and Shower Gel is scented with Graceful Angel fragrance. It gently cleanses leaving the skin feel softer and perfumed with the floral scent of Graceful Angel.
  • This Body Lotion is perfumed with a floral scent of Graceful Angel and contains Torricelumn and shea butter. It helps the skin feel more moisturised and gently scented for the day.
  • Supreme Cell Vitality Neck Cream helps the neck area appear firmer and smoother.

I’m not too sure if this specific set is still for sale but as I said Ideal World very often have great offers on Elizabeth Grant Skincare so there will be a deal to snap up. One more product I highly recommend from this brand are their eye masks. They’re handy to have with you when you travel or have had a late night and need to look bright eyed the next day. I always have a set with me in my makeup bag for those occasions you need a little looking more awake!

Check out the Elizabeth Grant range on Ideal World TV

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ghd Platinum Styler Premium Gift Set

ghd glitztheseason Party Hairstyle

ghd Luxe Copper Collection

ghd Copper Luxe Collection

ghd Platinum Styler Premium Gift Set

How gorgeous is the new ghd Platinum Styler Premium Gift Set! Its perfect for creating that glam party look. I adore my ghd’s and I have had them for over 10 years, I bought them as a gift to myself before I got married and I have used them almost daily since. I never hesitate to recommend ghd products as the quality is always impeccable and mine have never let me down.

This new luxe styler feels so sleek and lightweight, I often used my standard ghd’s to add a wave / curl to my hair but these actually have a rounded edge which makes achieving soft curls so much easier. They also come with some upgraded features including:-

  • Innovative tri-zone technology of ghd’s Platinum styler means that hair can be beautifully styled without causing any damage.
  • Specially-designed plates that keep the temperature consistent, hair is left 20% shinier and with 50% less breakage
  • Styling is also improved with the Platinum, as the wishbone hinge gives you higher control over waves, curls or poker straight locks.

limited edition copper luxe ghd

Inside this limited edition gift set you, of course, get the copper hair styler, a gorgeous copper luxe storage bag which also doubles up as a heat mat (very handy indeed) and two limited edition festive Nails Inc. nail polishes in Fierce Copper and a Copper Luxe.

ghd glitztheseason Party Hairstyle

GHD challenged me to create a party hair look so I thought about what I could create using the new Platinum Styler and decided to go with a simple wave and added some beautiful mettalic / eembellishedhair accessories.

For this look I was 100% chanelling my inner Jennifer Lawrence.

I started by spraying the ghd heat protect spray to damp hair and left my hair to dry naturally, whilst I applied my makeup. That way I find my hair is more glossy and has less flyaways.

ghd glitztheseason hair tutorial

Then I took my hair in small sections and straightened each part with the hair styler.

Using the curl spray I spritzed a little all over my hair and twisted a small section of hair on each side of my parting, securing the hair with a cute metallic jewelled clip. This does not have to look neat and tidy, infact I think it looks better a little messy and lived in.

ghd party hairstyle

glitztheseason ghd party hair tutorial

After these sections were in place I used my straighteners to curl the length, not doing it in any order but just putting small sections in at a time to ensure there was a nice amount of movement.

Using the ghd final shine spray I spritz a little from the root to ends all the way round just to give my hair a nice glossy finish.

I then discovered a pot of glitter and stars and what is a party hair look without a little extra sparkle, so I added a little through my parting – this was just a bit of fun but I actually liked how it looked.

Simple GlitzTheSeason Hair Tutorial

* This post is a collaboration with ghd but all the views and opinions are my own

Miller Harris Hope & Joy Christmas Candle

Luxury Festive Candle from Miller Harris

Hope and Joy Miller Harris Christmas Candle

Miller Harris Christmas Candle Gift Set £55

You know when a candle is going to be good when you can smell it from another room when it isn’t even burning but I wouldn’t expect anything less from expert perfumers Miller Harris. If you are familiar with their products then you know just how luxurious they are. Miller Harris are a brand that whilst respecting tradition, they strive to push the boundaries, creating exquisitely crafted fragrances that are innovative yet timeless.

This Christmas they have released a lovely candle gift set which would be a lovely thoughtful gift for anyone that enjoys luxury candles. The packaging is fun, bright and festive it has been designed by fashion designer Matty Bovan. The scent of the candle is not what you would initially expect from a festive release, it is a warm mix of figs, firs and pines. It gives off a rich fruity yet quite fresh festive scent. Fig is as most of you know, my all time favourite scent and I think the addition of the more wintery notes of pine and fir make it much more festive and a lovely candle to burn over the festive period.

Miller Harris Christmas Candle

Miller Harris have put together a lovely gift set, which makes it an even more special gift. Inside the gift set, you will receive,

  • The limited edition Hope & Joy candle, a lovely contrast of Ibizan figs & seasonal pines, the set also comprises a wick trimmer and a box of our le feu matches.
  • The wick trimmer is perfectly angled to trim wicks at all heights during the burn of a candle.
  • The le feu! matches are the ideal length to light a candle right to the final burn.
  • 30 hours burning time.

Beautiful Miller Harris Festive Candle

Luxury Festive Candle from Miller Harris

I’ve been enjoying burning this, the scent really fills the room but isn’t overpowering and the fragrance lingers long after you blow it out. Also if you trim the wick before burning it each time, you will find the wax burns a lot more evenly and cleanly. You get at least 30 hours of burn time from this so it will last you a good amount of time, I tend to burn it for 2 hours at a time in the evening. I would be thrilled to find this gift set under the tree on Christmas morning.

Let me know if you add this to your Christmas list.

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