Five Under £5 June 2016

Five Under £5 June 2016

Five Under £5 June 2016

I don’t have 5 things this month, but I do have 4 really good things to share with you.  If you want to get involved and link up your monthly 5 Under £5 finds then head over to Julia’s blog at Rainbeaubelle.

PEZ £1.00

Yes I collect PEZ dispensers & have done for years. I have quite a collection & at last count I had over 200. These are my latest additions & I am pretty pleased with the Snoopy ones, they’re so cute. I always buy them when I see them in discount shops & I never pay more that £1.50. I need a neat way of displaying them & I’m thinking of a little DIY project, making something to go on the wall to put them all in. I will keep you posted.

Alpro Go On Yoghurts 80p

These are delicious & I have been trying to hunt them down for weeks, Cornwall always seems to be the last to get anything new but I have stocked up on these so I am good for the next few weeks. They are so creamy & the fruit is so sweet and refreshing. Even if you’re not into Alpro I highly recommend trying these, I think you will be surprised as to how nice they are. I only saw 2 flavours, Mango & Passionfruit, but I hope they release a few more.

Succulent Plant £3.99

My toilet downstairs has no windows & so I can’t keep a real plant in there which is a pain, so I have been on the hunt for an artificial plant. When I came across this succulent in The Range at first I thought it was real it looks so convincing. It goes perfectly in my small toilet and brings a little greenery to the space.They come in lovely mirrored pots & I think they’re cute and so inexpensive. I need to pop back in and get a couple more.

Clipper Love Me Truly Chai Tea £2.99

I LOVE Chai and this one from Clipper is not only beautifully packaged its also one of the tastiest I have tried. Its spicy and full of flavour. I wish I could buy it in bulk because I drink so many cups a day. Its what keeps me going.

Catching Some Zzzz’s

The answer to a good nights sleep

Welcomin Sleep

Before I moved house I was having real trouble getting off to sleep & it was starting to get that I was still awake into the wee small hours & that’s not good for being productive or my state of mind. I was finding it difficult to switch off and I was waking up still feeling exhausted which had such a knock on effect to my day. I was making mistakes and generally feeling run down. So I thought I would share with you what I have found helps me most nights to nod off quicker.

  • This is such a simple one but I was so guilty of always being glued to my laptop. So I have banished all forms of technology from my bedroom – so no watching YouTube in bed, online shopping or scrolling through Twitter. I found having screen time late at night meant my brain wasn’t switching off & the light from the screen was often too bright and stopped me feeling sleepy. So having no devices in bed has meant my brain feels less stimulated and I am able to feel more restful.
  • Instead of using my laptop in bed I have got back into reading in a big way, I used to be the biggest bookworm until other areas of my life took up my more of my time so it’s been so good to get back on the reading wagon. Reading always makes me sleepy, and I love reading actual books, I do have a kindle that I use more if I am out of the house but reading books just feels so much better & it’s a great way to wind down and take time away from computer screens. If you have any book recommendations let me know in the comments.
  • Clipper Sleep Easy Infusion, I’m a complete tea addict and my friend Hayley & I always swap tea discoveries (rock & roll). I don’t have many drinks with caffeine in as I don’t enjoy coffee & a lot of my teas are caffeine free. I have found that drinking a specific night time tea really helps me feel calm and sleepy. This tea smells soothing and doesn’t taste too strong or bitter. It contains Cinnamon, Chamomile (25%), Honeybush, Lemon balm (5%), Valerian root (5%), Natural orange flavour. I think this tea tastes like Christmas & so is perfect for those cold Autumn / Winter nights & its become part of my nighttime routine to have a cup of this whilst reading my book in bed, it seems to be doing the trick.  
  • I have had so many people recommend the This Works Can’t Sleep range so to try it out I bought this little Can’t Sleep Kit from Feel Unique for less than £10 and I’m so glad I did. It comes with a mini pillow spray & a roller ball for your pulse points & I have been using them both for almost 2 weeks and what a difference they have made. It contains essential oils of Lavender, Vetivert and Wild Camomile which all smell calming and I instantly associate with a relaxing good nights sleep. I think they do a great job of helping you drift off & are very soothing. I know want to try the candle from this Can’t Sleep range. I have heard people say they use the roller ball in stressful situations like on airplanes and when they feel a little overwhelmed, I think it does have a very calming, restful scent so I am going to pack it in my carry on next time I fly
  • I’ve also been using an energy-saving bulb in my bedroom lamp so it isn’t as bright and feels more relaxing, I also like to have my fairy lights on my bed because they are also a nice light and make me feel calm and relaxed. So I have been making small changes and it has been helping. My husband likes to go for a walk an hour or so before bed so I might go along with him and see if that helps too.

Let me know if you have any tips for getting a good nights sleep. Or if you do any of the things I have mentioned.