RUBIS Rose Gold Tweezers

RUBIS Rose Gold Tweezers

RUBIS Rose Gold Tweezers

When Rubis contacted me to review their tweezers I replied to say I would be excited to but I warned them I’ve been loyal to current tweezers for years now & nothing has come close to knocking them off the top spot. So the challenge was on.

It is safe to say that not all tweezers are made equal and these Rubis tweezers have highlighted that fact. So who are Rubis? They’re a Swiss brand who manufacture high quality cosmetic tweezers, scissors and manicure sets. Their products are all individually handmade in Switzerland by skilled craftsmen using the highest quality steel. Rubis are a brand that proudly puts its focus on the quality of the craftsmanship.

rubis tweezers

Rubis tweezers were initially designed exclusively for the Swiss watch industry but in 1985 entrepreneur Fides Baldesberger came onboard and took the company in a new direction. Rubis expanded their range and started designing tweezers for the beauty industry, they carried the same quality through their range. It wasn’t long before their cosmetic tweezers were getting positive press and they even get a seal of approval from renowned New York makeup artist Bobbi Brown who described them as ‘the Ferrari of tweezers‘. So if they’re good enough for Bobbi they’re good enough for me!

I like my tweezers to tweeze out hairs with zero fuss. I hate having to go at the same hair over and over again, that’s when you end up catching your skin and that hurts like nothing else. I also want my tweezers to really grip even the really fine hairs and pull them out with ease & without tugging. These tweezers have gone above and beyond my expectations.

pretty rose gold tweezers

rubis rose gold tweezers

I’ve been testing the Limited Edition Rose Gold Slanted Tip Tweezers and what I like about them first off is that the slanted pincers give you great grip allowing you to pull hairs out at the root. The grip allows you to be very precise so no over plucking here!

The quality of the RUBIS Tweezers is very impressive and each pair is tested for weight, balance & made with rust proof surgical stainless steel to guarantee Swiss top quality. They are ergonomic and feel comfortable and lightweight. I haven’t wanted to use any other tweezers since these arrived on my doorstep 5 weeks ago and my brows have been looking neat and tidy.

If you’re looking for a set of fantastic quality tweezers then I hope you’ll check out the RUBIS range.

RUBIS are available at Fenwick, Harvey Nichols and Look Fantastic

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YSL Beauty Brow Wardrobe

YSL Beauty Brow Wardrobe

YSL Beauty Brow Wardrobe

YSL Eyebrow Products

YSL Beauty Brow Wardrobe

I’m very excited to introduce you to some fantastic new releases from YSL Beauty, they have added four new products to their brow range and created the YSL Brow Wardrobe. Everyone has their individual way of filling in their brows whether you prefer a simple look or a very bold brow I think you will find at least one product from the YSL brow range that you will love.

Couture Brow Palette in 02 Medium to Dark

This comes in that class signature gold YSL packaging which looks and feels luxurious and it has a very handy mirror so it’s a fantastic palette to take with you in your makeup bag. It also comes with just the cutest mini YSL tweezers and a brow brush which despite their teeny tiny size work very well to tidy up any stray brow hairs.

So cuteness aside you also get 3 powder shades which are nicely pigmented and blend beautifully. You can use them individually or mix them together to create your perfect brow shade. The powders are easy to blend and work with and have great staying power. For me powder gives you the option to be quite precise and also have the flexibility to create a soft look or build it up for a more bold brow. This is a beautiful product and a stand out from this collection.

Dessin Des Sourcil (Eyebrow Pencil) in 04

This dual ended precision brow pencil comes in four shades & has a fab brow spoolie on one end and a pencil on the other. I found the pencil quite hard but the colour worked well and looked natural. I would say that a pencil allows you to get very precise strokes and if you wanted to just fill in your brows quickly with minimal fuss then a pencil is ideal & also great to travel with. Out of the four products this is the one I use the least but that is because I’m so used to using a powder that I find using a pencil quite awkward.

Luxury Makeup From YSL

NEW YSL Eyebrow Products

Couture Brow Marker in 02 Dark Brown

I have never tried a brow product like this before, it looks like a chunky marker pen with a angled felt tip style nib. After a few attempts I found this worked best for me for filling in a few sparse patches and also to outline the shape of my brows. It isn’t too pigmented which means you can achieve a natural look though your brow but a big plus point for me is, once you apply this there is no budging it (YSL promise 12 hour wear). Initially I thought the large nib would be quite hard to use but after a few goes I’m pleased to report I’ve become a dab hand and I’m able to get quite a nice sharp, defined look. I almost wrote this product off but I am converted to the Brow Marker & recommend giving it a go.

The only downside is this Couture Brow Marker only comes in two shades, light brown & dark brown and the lightest shade is not very light at all.

YSL Couture Brow Shaper Mascara

Couture Brow Mascara in 01 Glazed Brown

Out of the four products this tinted brow mascara is without a doubt the product I’ve used the most. This adds a nice amount of colour and texture to your brows and I also like that you can use it alone for an effortless look or on top of your powder to set your brows and add a little more colour. The brush is a fantastic size and shape, it allows you to put just the right amount of product through your bows without getting it everywhere. It’s gel consistency doesn’t give you the dreaded crispy brow and it’s buildable formula means you can go as natural or dramatic as you like. It is a fantastic product to add to your collection.

YSL Couture Brow Wardrobe

I feel like brows products have had such a resurgence since Cara Delevingne reminded everyone full brows are OK and I’m totally cool with that because my brows are a little unruly and naturally super thick.

What brow product do you like to use the most? Also let me know if any of the new YSL Brow products have caught your eye.

All of the YSL Brow Wardrobe products are available now from

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