My Favourite Rose Products

Miller Harris Rose Silence Perfume

Favourite Rose Beauty Products

Miller Harris Rose Silence*

This is just the most romantic, luxurious fragrance. It’s a perfume that feels, smells and looks beautiful. It has Top notes: mandarin, blackcurrant – Heart notes: rose- Base notes: patchouli, cashmere musk. A real mix of fruity, floral and then the musk and patchouli add that sexy more sophisticated touch. This would make a thoughtful and special gift for anyone you love & it has become one of my favourite perfumes.

Jurlique Rose Body Oil

I am a big fan of body oils, I like to use them after I have had a bath to really nourish my skin. This Jurlique one is pampering and has lots of skincare benefits too including Rosemary that invigorates, restores and rebalances oiliness, Chamomile and Lavender to soothe and restore skin radiance, while Macadamia and Jojoba Oils soften skin it also contains Vitamin E which provides antioxidant protection. So your skin will look and feel silky smooth after using this. A little oil goes a long way so a bottle is going to last you months.

By Terry Baume de Rose

This is a mini pot of the cult beauty product –  By Terry Baume de Rose, it’s so cute and small. Its a nourishing and hydrating lip balm that feels comfortable and not at all sticky on my lips. It does keep my lips feeling soft and moisturised for hours and I like the subtle rose scent which I am able to smell for quite a while after applying it. Such a luxurious lip balm & one I do love to use.

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

This product is always to hand and right now its sat on my desk, I love spritzing this throughout the day. It’s refreshing and uplifting not to mention really hydrating for your skin. It’s a lovely product to use all year round. It contains Marshmallow and glycerin to help prevent moisture loss, intensely hydrate and soften skin. Rose and aloe vera to soften, sooth and calm the skin and Grapefruit seed which extract provides antioxidant protection. Its packed with so many great skincare benefits.

Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater Handcream

This is a great rose scented hand cream which keeps my hands feeling soft, smooth and not at all greasy. It has a light fresh floral scent, not overpowering at all its just a lovely lightweight hand cream. I have a sample sized tube and has lasted me for a good few weeks

Rose Themed Beauty Products

Diptyque Roses Candle

I love this floral scented candle, it took me so long to actually light it and I could even smell the candle without it being lit. It gives off a good amount of scent and it is an authentic rose fragrance. Its a luxurious purchase but you only need to burn it for a few hours at a time & you will be able to smell the Rose scent long after it has been blown out. Yes, I have even kept the box, I just couldn’t part with it – it’s too pretty.

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask

LOVE this mask. For two reasons (well there are more but 2 main reasons). It’s so quick, if you’re pushed for time you can apply it and after 10 minutes you’re good to go. Also after only 10 minutes, your skin feels unbelievably soft, radiant and hydrated. You can apply it & leave it on as long as you like but you can use it like an express mask & that’s how I like to use it, so before I go out on a night out I use it just before I do my makeup, that way my skin is looking its best and my foundation applies like a dream, looks smooth and doesn’t cling to any dry patches. Goodbye dull skin – hello fresh, radiant complexion! This is a pricey mask but its worth every single penny.

What is your favourite rose scented product, or are you not a fan of this floral scent?

*PR Sample

Beauty Products for Travelling

Travel Beauty & Skincare

I am spending the first 3 weeks of December in Scotland which means a 1200 mile round trip. Thats a long time to spend in a car. I thought I would share with you a few products I have packed to keep with me in the car. Let me know what products you take with you when travelling.

Liz Earle Botanical Essence™ No.20 Eau de Parfum

I like to save up the mini sample perfumes to put in my makeup bag and I just love this new Liz Earle scent. Its so pretty and has notes of jasmine, sandalwood vanilla and a heart of Damask rose which means its not too floral or sweet. Its not overpowering so is perfect for travel, it smells quite zesty and fresh. My mum thinks its more of a  Summer scent but I think its good for anytime of the year


I don’t travel anywhere without my trusty Travalo they are a great way to take your favourite perfume with you, especially if its a big heavy glass bottle and you don’t want to take the whole bottle with you. I have my all time favourite Giorgio Armani Si perfume in mine at the moment. It has notes of Vanilla, Blackcurrant, Rose de Mai and Patchouli and base notes of blond amber which give it a sophisticated musky scent. I never grow tired of this perfume, I always repurchase it. Travalo’s are inexpensive and a great gift idea for Christmas.

beauty products for travel

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist

You’ve got to have a face mist when travelling, especially when its so cold outside. My skin gets very dehydrated in the Winter and this lovely rosewater mist stops my skin from drying out. The rose scent is also very calming, I like that you can spritz it on top of your makeup without unsettling it and it keeps your skin nourished, toned and feeling fresh. This is one of my favourite Jurlique products, I always have this in my skincare arsenal.

NEOM Energy Boosting Treatment

Made with our 100% natural Neom Burst of Energy™ fragrance is a seriously potent blend of 17 of the purest, first pressed essential oils including grapefruit, lemon and rosemary, purposefully chosen for their powerfully energising properties. Lasts on the skin for up to 3 hours providing an uplifting boost of energy throughout the day. 

This treatment oil is the perfect product to take with you when you travel, its a roller ball so its very easy to apply. I like to apply it to my wrists before I drive and the scent makes me feel refreshed and energised. The scent sticks around for a few hours and I do like to reapply it throughout the day. I highly recommend checking out these travel sizes out, they have a few different ones and they come in very handy.

Blistex Intensive Moisturiser Cherry SPF15

This is quite a new release from Blistex & if you love a fruity scent then you will really like this cherry scent, it smells exactly like cherries, I love it. It feels nice and moisturising on the lips and it has SPF15 which is so good. I couldn’t visit Scotland without a decent lip balm, it has shea butter & bees wax so it will protect your lips from the cold . Its perfect for having with you in your bag & it smells so good!

Travel Size Beauty Products

Essence Mini’s to go Hand & Body Wipes

Before you all go mad – these are for hands only they’re not going near my face. A pack of wipes are useful to have when you travel especially when you have a packed lunch & no way of washing your hands.

bareMinerals Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss

This is such a pretty lipgloss, I don’t normally wear gloss but I really like these Marvelous Moxie ones. The formula is so good not sticky on the lips but it feels creamy and moisturising. This is in the shade Rebel and is a beautiful subtle pink, dare I say its a My Lips But Better colour, its perfect for everyday wear & I thought it would be cute for travel as I won’t be wearing makeup apart from mascara & lipgloss. It does last a good amount of time on my lips & it makes them tingle when you first apply it. These come in so many shades so there is a colour for everyone, I want to get a nice red shade for Christmas.

Roger & Gallet Fleur d’Osmanthus Hand & Nail Cream

You can’t travel without a hand cream, when I use public toilets the soap really dries out my hand and they look and feel awful. I am excited to have a new tube of Roger & Gallet hand cream for this trip. This cream is rich and nourishing its formulated with a shea butter base and natural ingredients that sinks straight into skin to repair and protect. This will get a lot of use in Scotland.

Bath & Body Works Hand Sanitiser

A must on the road! This one smells so festive and I think I am addicted to using it. I get mine from eBay, there are always so many sellers on there.

My Winter Skincare Guide

Winter Skincare Additions

Winter Skincare Additions

As the seasons pass I love switching up my skincare routine to keep giving my skin just what it needs. I have been noticing a change in the temperature this past week and there is a chill in the air (which I am secretly excited about) so I have started to look out a few products that will add into my Winter Skincare routine to help my skin adjust to the dryer air & crisper temperatures.

When the temperature drops and we start to put on the central heating I notice such a change in my skin, it gets more dehydrated, irritated and can look more dull so I like to make sure I keep my skin nourished and hydrated. I don’t switch up all my products, there is no need too but there are a few that I swear by during the colder months.

I use a serum all year round but I do have a one that I keep specifically for Winter and that’s the Origins Mega Mushroom Skin Relief Face Serum. I love the whole Mega Mushroom range and have used it for years, the reason I like it more for the colder months is because its extremely hydrating, great at soothing redness and keeping the skin looking radiant. This serum has quite a few ingredients which are good for protecting the skin from the effects of Winter,

This potent serum is fortified with omega-rich Sea Buckthorn plus skin-repairing Reishi, irritant-soothing Chaga and Cordyceps mushrooms – long used in Chinese medicine to heal, promote longevity and improve health. Used faithfully, skin is transformed from reactive to resilient and from stressed to soothed to reveal a healthier, more radiant appearance..

A key part of any skincare regime is your moisturiser and I will be using the Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion+* this Winter, its such an Iconic product and I have used it a few times over the years. It has been reformulated recently and this new formula feels even more lightweight than before, which makes it a great lightweight moisturiser and it wears very well under makeup. There is no SPF or specific anti ageing benefits but it is a product that never breaks me out or irritates my skin and it gives a good amount of hydration without being greasy. It is 100% fragrance free, so thats really good if you have sensitive skin. Let me know if you have any Clinique makeup or skincare recommendations, I really want to try a few more products from this brand.

Winter Skincare Guide

One thing I often forget to do in the Winter is use a body scrub, I know we’re not walking about with bare legs during the cold snap but its still important we keep our skin looking and feeling smooth and radiant. Scrubs are also a great way to get the blood flowing on a chilly Winter morning and I’ve fallen in love with the Prismologie Red Hour Foaming Body Scrub*. This has an uplifting Cedarwood scent which is invigorating and the scent  is so luxurious. The scrub isn’t abrasive but it will leave your skin feeling incredibly soft, hydrated and by removing the build up of dead skin cells it helps your skin look radiant and healthy. This is a huge bottle which means it will last months so I’m hoping this will see me through the colder months & I really like the bright red packaging its quite festive looking which is perfect for using over Winter. One thing I know for sure is my legs will be Christmas Party ready after using this Scrub!

Oh & if you have time a body oil is a great way to lock in moisture after a shower and it keeps your skin extra soft.

We all know how bad the cold weather is for our lips, I find my lips really suffer. They always dry out and get chapped over the colder months and over the years I’ve tried so many lip products to combat this but the NUXE Reve de Miel Honey Lip Balm is the best I’ve ever tried. It has quite a unique rich formula, I think of it more of a lip treatment and apply it twice a day, once in the morning and again in the evening. Its quite thick (but not greasy) so I don’t use it throughout the day but I have to say after applying it in the morning my lips feel nourished and protected for hours so you really don’t need to apply it like a lip balm. Its the perfect treatment to apply at night before you go to bed after a long day exposed to the dry cold Winter elements & it repairs your lips overnight leaving them looking and feeling soft and smooth. This pot has lasted me so long & I have looked it out now the weather is a little colder and it sits on my nightstand to remind me to apply it.

A face mist is an easy way of combating the effects of air conditioning & central heating, I always have one on my desk at work and I’m currently using the Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist. This is a very refreshing face mist and I spritz it so often throughout the day. I love how it stops my skin from drying out and the rose scent is very uplifting and calming. A few spritz of this leaves my skin feeling soft, soothed and hydrated. You can spritz it on top of your makeup without unsettling it and it just keeps your skin nourished and feeling fresh. I’m spritzing it as I type!

My updated winter skincare routine

I like to use a face oil more often during the Winer and this new Merumaya Everything Everywhere Beauty Oil* is ideal for that and the exciting thing about this oil is that its not exclusively for your face it has a multitude of uses. It can be used on dry hands, heels, face, body hair, scalp lashes and brows. I have heard people say they even mix a few drops in with their moisturiser too. This is going to help in so many ways to nourish your skin and to keep it looking radiant. It will also combat the effects Winter has on your face, hair and body, Its extremely hydrating and nourishing because there are so many incredible ingredients included in this oil,

It contains Kahai Oil which has even more benefits than Argan Oil, 50% more Vitamin E and twice as much Linoleic (Essential Fatty Acids). It also has 3 times more anti-ageing Retinol than rosehip oil (traditionally used to combat scars and healing the skin). It also contains Oat, Grapeseed and Jojoba Oils, this exclusive formula provides moisture, elasticity, a reduction in lines, soothes, brightens and nourishes the skin. Squalane which helps prevent moisture loss whilst restoring skins suppleness. So quite the power house of ingredients. I am excited to see the results of prolonged use and I will be putting its multi functional benefits to good use.

A must for your handbag during the Winter is a good hand cream & for me this nspa Intensive Anti Ageing Hand Cream is ideal. It is a thicker formula which will be perfect for nourishing my hands when they’re cold and keeping them from drying out. I also like that this has SPF15 which means my hands will be protected during those chilly sunny days. I find my hands dry out so badly and I always like to have a hand cream with me in my handbag.

These are just a few products I plan on using as it starts to get colder, let me know what products you like to switch up when Winter comes & what you do different to combat the effects the cold weather has on your skin

Products that are marked with an * have either been sent to me for my consideration or I’ve received at events. I’m under no obligation to review them on my blog. However if I do, the reviews are 100% my own.

Travel Skincare Amsterdam Edit 2015

I spent last week in my favourite City – Amsterdam. I absolutely love it there & even though it was my 5th visit I fell in love with it all over again. I will be writing a few posts about my time there but I thought i’d share with you my travel skincare and talk you through the products I used the most and also what I could have lived without. I do love how a mini break is the perfect excuse to use up all those samples you’ve been hoarding and I think I packed quite light, do you?

My Travel Skincare - Amsterdam Edit

I always take my Dirty Works Hanging Washbag, its a really good size, has one big compartment which zips and two smaller compartments. It rolls up and is easy to pack, also when you get to your destination you can hang it up in your bathroom and have easy access to all your products. I have used it so many times over the past 3 years and its still as good as new.

Holiday Skincare

& Other Stories Sirocco Sands Body Lotion* – This is a new release and I was sent a couple of sachets to try & thought how handy they would be for this trip. I love the bath & body products from & Other Stories they have a lovely selection of scents and this is a new addition to their range. I thought the scent was quite intense and soothing. It smells sophisticated and has notes of rhubarb and gardenia which make it both fruity and floral, its a nice summery body lotion which left my skin soft, hydrated and not at all greasy.

My Amsterdam Travel Skincare

In the second pouch – my razor, vitamins, Kleenex Shine Sheets (which are amazing but sadly discontinued), Rodial Dragon’s Blood Eye Masks which are so good for tired dehydrated under eyes, they leave your eyes looking fresh and more awake. I always take eye masks with me because they’re so travel friendly and its always an excuse for a hotel room pamper session.

NUXE Bio Beauté Soothing 24hr Moisturising Mask – a nice calming hydrating face mask. Sanctuary Spa Salt Scrub – I was using a gradual tanner so I thought it best to take a scrub with me & this one came in a handy sachet so again easy to travel with & lastly in this section I took some Ole Henriksen Truth To Go Wipes – I have to say these are not ground breaking but as far as wipes go they were refreshing and didn’t make my skin feel tight or dehydrated.

Amsterdam Travel Skincare

Batiste Dry Shampoo – This is a travel must have, I only wash my hair a maximum of twice a week so dry shampoo is a staple for me & these mini cans last me a week so they’re the perfect size.

Bliss Fabulous Foaming Face Wash – This is a 2 in 1 cleansing & exfoliator so ideal for travel. I wouldn’t use this on a daily basis but it worked well to keep my skin clean and looking bright. With it being a City break and using SPF daily I found this Bliss face wash helped keep my skin from getting congested and dull. I still have more than half this mini bottle left so will take t way with me next time.

Molton Brown Shower Gel – I have a few of these mini ones left over from a travel kit I received last Christmas, they smell incredible and luxurious and this was so nice to use every morning to get myself going and help me feel uplifted and ready for the day. Not a must have but certainly a little slice of luxury

Garnier Micellar Water 125ml – this is the new travel size which was released a month or so ago, yes its still too big to take on as hand luggage but its nice to have a small version to take away with you. I use this daily and still have almost 3/4 left so I’m keeping that for my next trip. I think a 100ml version would be a better size and it would still last ages.

Vichy Aqualia Thermal Moisturiser – This is such a nice soothing lightweight hydrating day cream, it gave just enough hydration without making my skin greasy throughout the day. I really like this and I’m very tempted to purchase the full size.

Garnier Mineral Deodorant – I normally use a natural deodorant but I’ve ran out so picked this up last minute. It was awful, the lid didn’t say on & it felt like it scratched my armpits when I applied it. I left it in the hotel room and won’t be repurchasing it any time soon.

Dove Shampoo – This range leaves my hair feeling silky soft and very manageable. Nothing much to report other than I have repurchased this quite a few times and it never lets me down. Elemis Conditioner – again this is a solid favourite of mine, it doesn’t weigh my hair down and I get very few fly aways or frizz when I use this. I like the Shampoo that goes with this but I have used it all up.

Travel Skincare 2015

ESPA Optimal Skin ProCleanser – This is the perfect at home (or in hotel room) spa treatment,  It’s a Tri-Phase Cleanser which means it is a gel cleaner, exfoliator and a mask all in one. This is aimed at all ages and all skin types so if you love luxurious skincare then this is the product for you. I like to use this as a second cleanse and I apply a generous amount to my face and leave it on as a mask for about 15 minutes before using a hot cloth to buff it away. There are tiny gentle Jojoba spheres which exfoliate your skin and help remove any dirt and grime. It leaves my skin looking so radiant and feeling smooth. Its such a treat.

Origins Plantscription Serum – I blogged a little more about this in my recent June & July Empties post but it is a good serum and leaves my skin feeling hydrated but I wouldn’t rush out to repurchase it. I prefer the Mega Mushroom or GinZing range from Origins.

ESPA Optimal Pro Serum – I have a few of these mini bottles saved for when I go away, I love this serum so much & I think it is one of the products I recommended the most. I always notice how good it is for my skin when I have ran out. I always miss it in my routine and my skin never looks as good. This serum isn’t targeted at any specific age range or skin type, they have developed it to have so many skin benefits for all ages and skin concerns & it gives my skin alot of nourishment and helps to calm the redness in my cheeks and keep my skin looking healthy and bright. I Just had to take it away with me and I woke up every morning to fresh healthy looking skin (it was that good I only wore makeup one day).

Ponds Institute Contour Eye Cream – This is the first Ponds product I have used in years & I have been really enjoying it. Its hard to find an eye cream that is affordable & that I really like but this seems to fit the bill. Its quite a thin consistency and doesn’t just sit on the skin making it look and feel greasy. I massage the cream in around my eye and after a couple of minutes the area feels soft and looks hydrated, my eye makeup sits well on top and doesn’t sink into my (many) fine lines throughout the day. Its been a great discovery and I want to try more from Ponds now. Let me know if you have any recomendations.

Balance Me Natural Protection Moisturiser SPF25* £26.00 – This is a great daily SPF and I used it for my entire trip everyday without fail & not once did I burn or feel like my face had caught the sun. It applies quite thick and does have a slight white cast to it but don’t worry that doesn’t stay, in fact after a few minutes it looks a ok & although you can feel it on your skin its not too heavy or tacky to the touch. I wrote a full review here if you want to read a little more about it —–> Balance Me Natural Protection Moisturiser SPF25

Bath & Body Works Handi Bac – I know these have alcohol in them but they’re just too cute for words and smell just like cupcakes. Also I need to keep my hands germ free and these do the job.

Travel Skincare

Kiehl’s Créme de Corps Body Lotion – This is a very good body lotion and I get such dry legs especially when its hot so this had to come with me on my week away. Once my & Other Stories sachets were all gone I used this for the remaining days. Its very hydrating and if you use it after you shave your legs it leaves them so very smooth.

Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist – This is the cutest mini spray bottle, I keep it so I can refill it from a larger bottle I have. I enjoy using a face mist & like how multi use they are. Its a nice way to stay hydrated on the plane and keep your skin feeling refreshed. Its also a great way to cool down in the heat & keep your makeup looking dewy. This Jurlique one as many of you will know is my favourite and I have reviewed it here if you’d like to know more about it Jurlique Rosewater Balancing Mist 

Merumaya Overnight Recharge Night Cream* – One of my favourite night creams – this is a little overnight miracle worker. Its helps your skin look bright, firm and also prevents blemishes. Its an all round great cream. My skin was often looking a little dull from a day exploring this city & this recharged my skin overnight and stopped it looking dull and fatigued.