Shopping My Stash Week 2

So i did this a while ago, then forgot to carry it on. I’ve had a busy couple of months what with family stuff and planning a move. Nothing ever goes smoothly. So whilst packing up some of my makeup for the move i picked out a few items of makeup to wear and this is what i picked out.

I’ve had the Duwop lipgloss for a while as it came a while back in a Glossybox & never used it – it smells amazing tho. So I’m excited to use this at last. Also my bareMinerals READY blush doesn’t get enough love as its gorgeous and gives you such a healthy colour. My No7 mascara is a firm fave and love this so much, it makes my lashes look super long. I have a few mascaras on the go and i try and use them all in turn over a week.

MUA do the best low budget eyeshadows so I’m excited to get some smokey eye looks out of this trio. My Shu Uemrua pink eyeshadows are great for a subtle everyday eye. They are so creamy and such great quality, I dont know why i dont use these more (too many eyeshadows that prob why).

As for my YSL foundation, I love this and the coverage is amazing, it lasts all day on the skin. In fact I will go so far as to say that it looks better after about an hour I’m not sure what happens on your face with this but it looks better over time. Weird but true. I wanted to use this up before trying out their new YSL Touche Éclat Foundation – but when packing away my makeup for the move I discovered a backup of of this. Do I pretend i didn’t find it & buy the Touche Éclat Foundation anyway? I think yes.

I am hoping to carry this shopping my stash on after I move in 2 weeks, once  I’ve unpacked all my beauty bits. It will feel like Christmas.

8 thoughts on “Shopping My Stash Week 2

  1. I will will will buy Collection 2000’s concealer when my Clinique one runs out! Determined to see what all the fuss is about 🙂

    1. It is good. I have a few on the go – a Bobbi Brown one & my Benefit Boi-ing. The collection 2000 one is good if i dont need too heavy coverage and its got quite good staying power. I normally buy it off my Boots points. As its so cheap

  2. This is such a good idea, I’ve seen these sorts of posts before and I always find them interesting, as most of us do have things we don’t use any more. The problem for me is that usually, if I don’t use them, it’s for a reason!
    I got my hands on a sample of Benefit Dallas this week and am really enjoying using it so far, which I wasn’t expecting as it’s really quite an unusual colour for me!
    Mel x

  3. Hey loving the blog! What did you think to the Duwop gloss when you tried it, I got one in a GLossybox too but didn’t like it as it makes my lips tingle! It’s a shame because it is a great colour!! ):


    1. I have enjoyed using it. I didnt feel any tingling on my lips & mine smells so nice. I would buy it but have enjoyed using the sample. Did you get the same one as me in your box?

    1. Thanks. I love it too. Its a great versatile blush. You can wear it lightly or really build it up for more of an evening look too.

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