EOS Summer fruit Lip balm

My lovely little brother recently went to NYC (lucky bugger) & i asked him to bring me a few things back. Not really thinking he would. So one of the things i asked for was the EOS Summer fruit Lip balm. I have seen these on lots of US beauty blogs & YouTube videos. I know there are a few websites that sell these in the UK, but i thought as he was these id get him to pick up one

This lip balm smells AMAZING! Oh my I can’t get over how nice it is. I keep getting it out my purse and smelling it. Getting alot of funny looks. I think half of why its so nice is its packaging, its in a sphere and it feels odd putting it on as we are so used to a tube when it comes to lip balm.

I’ve been using it underneath my Revlon Lip Stain to keep my lips nourished. This  little lip balm is great to throw in your handbag. The packaging is really robust and perfect for travelling / taking out & about. I just love it and I’m going to pick up a couple more when i can. If you can recommend any others let me know.

The good thing about these is that they’re 100% natural, and paraben and petrolatum free so thats good news for your lips.

I dont know what my brother paid for this (as it was a gift). I already have so many lip products but i just needed to try this and i’ve been pleasantly surprised its really lovely on the lips. It would be great for a holiday

9 thoughts on “EOS Summer fruit Lip balm

    1. Its a really nice summery lip balm. It smell devine. Like we need another lip balm right?! But i couldn’t resist & the packaging is so sweet.

  1. These have intrigued me for month’s and I keep going to add it to my wishlist when I do my updates on my challenge, but I have SO many lipbalms I think I need to cut down, not add more haha xo

    1. I know i have so many too. I really didnt need this – but my brother picked it up for me & i have always wondered what they’re like. Smells so good

  2. A ball? I thought I was going mad at first but it’s actually a really clever idea, plus it looks really cute. I’m going to stick with my born lippy from the Body Shop before I buy anything else though aha.

    1. I know what you mean. I need to start using up my products before purchasing new ones. I have so many lip products on the go at them moment. It is a clever little ball tho & its a nice lip balm too

    1. How nice is it! I am so glad i managed to get one. I am defo going to get some more & maybe try the hand cream too

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